Symbiose - the open-source and flexible webos

With Symbiose, save and edit your documents online to find them wherever you go. Going on vacation or business trip ? Simply login to the Web OS to find all of your documents. Take advantage of software developed by the developer community to edit files, watch movies or listen to music! Symbiose puts also at your disposal a storage space for you to back up your files on the webos and a administration area to manage your account and those of other users.

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An open-source project.

Symbiose is an open-source project released under a GPLv3 license. It's free and and made by volunteers. Everyone can improve it!



Fast and modern.

The project uses the latest HTML5 technologies. It is designed to be as fast as possible. It's not your grandfather's Internet!


The webos is customizable, both the theme and the interface. Choose the look that suits you best!


Symbiose comes with its own software centre which contains apps created by the community and apps from the Firefox Marketplace. Developping an app is easy thanks to Symbiose's library.


The project is open-source so everybody can contribute to its robustness. Moreover, updates are frequently available.

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